Ways to impress a Recruiter and Get Your Dream Job

In interviews, HR managers and recruiters have come across every sort of trick you can think of. They do work, sometimes, but in the end, it simply comes down to the content of the interview.

So, how can you woo a recruiter? Follow these tips to ace you next interview:

Be aware of your experience

People often stumble over what are typically simple questions – You are after all just talking about yourself. Go over your CV as you are preparing for the interview. Jot down the most important projects you have undertaken, things you enjoyed and didn’t like about every job, and finally, remind yourself of the various challenges you have faced on each project and how you overcame them. Prepare yourself for questions revolving around leaving job, gaps in work history etc. This is all so that you have the basics engraved in your head so it’s easier to explain when It comes to the interview.

Be aware of the impact that you had in your roles

Recruiters are always impressed when a candidate can quantify the impact they had in previous jobs. They want to know what you did and how you achieved it, but also to be aware of the importance of the impact of your work in a larger scale. There will be questions regarding delivering results in company which might relate to saving money for company, improving customer experience, increasing efficiency etc. Discussing the project outcomes with the recruiters lets them know that you are capable and able to follow through on a project from start to finish.

Apply your past experience to the role you are being interviewed for

Take the challenges you faced, and project outcomes which has been discussed earlier, and apply them to the job you are being interviewed for. For a recruiter, it’s always good to know about everything you have done, but applying all of that to what the company is currently doing is what will get you the job. State specific goals that the job entails or qualities the company requires and discuss how you can apply your skills to meet those requirements.

Treat it like a conversation

Typically, recruiters would expect candidates to talk most of the time throughout the interview, but in a perfect world, the interview would be a conversation between both parties – at the end of the day, both you and the recruiter are trying to figure out if you are suited. Do some research on the company so you have information when you need it. Try to find something in common with your interviewer as these Q&A sessions can get repetitive and boring for recruiters so engaging with them will make you stand out.

Keep asking the right questions

Ask questions that adds value to the interview and will keep the conversation flowing. Narrow down your questions so they relate to what you already know about the role, and emphasise the skills that can you bring to the job.

Discuss about the company’s culture and how you are suitable

A lot of companies express their culture through their website or social media(Facebook,Twitter etc). Are their posts on social media relaxed, with a humorous tone or do they post pictures of upcoming events for their employees? Is their focus just on marketing their products or advertisements? Examine their website and social media before an interview to get an idea of how formal or casual you have to operate (or expected to operate) both in the interview and in the job itself. Getting an understanding of the company’s culture beforehand will allow you to give them examples on how you might be suitable for their team.