Top 3 Part-Time jobs for students

Need some extra money while you study? A part-time job could suit you…

Perhaps you want to have a bit of work experience in your field of study, or maybe you are just looking to get some extra cash whilst studying in university, either way, getting a part-time job near your area is a fantastic way to use your free time to enhance your skills and CV. These jobs could be over the weekend, evenings, one-off jobs or during holidays.

The following jobs have been organised and categorised to simplify your search and provide part time jobs that will suit you. Listed below is the top three part time jobs for students:

Teaching/Tutoring Jobs

What the job involves: Providing education and one to one advice on a specific topic or a particular area of a subject to an individual or a certain group of people. The group or individuals being taught might be children, teenagers or adults. Teaching/Tutoring people is an excellent way to use your knowledge to help people understand better and can strengthen your own understanding of the topic if you choose to teach in the subject you are studying. The tutoring sessions can be done face to face or online as it is entirely between you and the individual or group.

What the job requires: Basic skills in teaching people. Motivating others and good communication. Ideally, you should have a degree or working towards finishing a degree in the subject you are tutoring in. Qualifications and experience in previous teaching/tutoring roles would be advantageous but it is not essential.

What the job pays: Typically, you can expect to get around £18 per hour but the pay will depend entirely on your experience, and what the individual or group is willing to pay for what they intend to learn or gain from your tutoring sessions.

Suited for: Students who are looking for a job associated to their degree.

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Temporary jobs

What the job involves: Temporary workers are often needed in sales, administration and customer service roles. These types of roles will have you working a varied set of hours at different companies which makes it an excellent way to earn cash, and gain valuable experience in an office setting. Typical tasks for a temporary worker usually involve, but are not limited to, answering phone calls, booking meetings/appointments, greeting people(Clients, Patients, Customers), sales, filing documents, data input and much more. The duties will usually be straightforward.

What the job requires: Flexible when it comes to working hours and adaptability as temp jobs will vary role to role. You are expected to be available immediately for these roles as temporary work typically comes up in the last minute. IT proficiency and organisation skills are highly valuable when it comes to temporary roles.

What the job pays: The pay for temporary jobs will depend on the type of role you pick but you could expect to earn around £13-16 per hour for highly-paid roles.

Suited for: People who prefer change and working at different roles where the routine varies.

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Hospitality and Event roles

What the job involves: You could be working at concerts, festivals, music, gigs, Sporting events, clubs or a variety of other events(Notting Hill Carnival, London Fashion Week, 51st State Festival, Wimbledon) – There are plenty of roles in hospitality which will suit students looking for flexible jobs. The tasks you will carry out will depend on the role you choose, and it could be involve a variety of tasks which could be Catering & cleaning, Organising and coordinating events, Bar work, waiting/waitressing or  Meeting and greeting people.

What the job requires: Flexible, Enthusiastic and good customer service skills are essential. Certain events and venues will require you to wear formal clothes or specify you dress smartly and are well-presented. All roles in this area will expect you to be hardworking, approachable and an efficient and productive individual.

What the job pays: You are usually paid at an hourly rate and the pay you get will depend on the type of event you choose to work at. The highest-paid roles at these events could pay around £11 or more if you look at the team leader or supervisory roles.

Suited for: People who want to experience and work at big events.

Tip: If you are not getting responses back for the roles at your favourite events or venues you are applying to, you should consider getting some hospitality experience in your local area such as bars or restaurants. This ensures that you have the skills they are looking for and can apply them on these bigger events.

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